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pepperoni86's Journal

Nickerockers The Mighty
6 December 1986
External Services:
  • pepperoni86@livejournal.com
I am:
* a gamer (mostly xbox360)
* an emerging feminist (still working it out)
* a social worker
*concerned at the environmental impact humans have.
*a field hockey player (full back or centre half)
*sister to 4 siblings, daughter to 4 parents (inc. Steps) and mother of none.
*single, and comfortable so far
*an ex World of warcraft player. When people play casually, like its actually a game, and not the be all and end all of their world... maybe I'll go back .
*a dungeon master, and a player, of weekly dungeons and dragons sessions.
*a lover of webcomics
*a fan of sci-fi/epic fantasy/action/adventure movies
*an avid reader of fantasy in particular, but ill read anything that is well written
*someone who feeds her inner child far too much sugar
*someone who loves to run around in the rain and jump in puddles
*a qualified lifeguard/swim instructor, as well as being a qualified open water (scuba) diver.
*a fan of rock and metal, with blues, female singer/songwriters and indie thrown in.. Although I like most things that aren't pop, rap, techno, dance, or country.
*proud of my uterus. It does a lot of hard work.
*comfortable with myself and happy with the way things are going for me.
*not so much proud of being Australian, but more proud of what Australia can be - proud of the potential for an awesome country, I guess.