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*explodes with rage.*


I recently joined wtf_sexism  and it's all going pretty cruisy there. Had myself an interesting debate about language, etc. but a post today about an anti-feminist site led me to looking at that site, which led me to this:

reading that, and reading the comments, I felt physically sick.

oh, and this too

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well, thanks to kyu_kage , I am thoroughly enjoying the Order of the Stick  - i strated reading it late last night and I'm up to 150... and more days of nothingness ahead so I will get through as much of the archives as I can handle.

Funniest thing is, reading it I can see elements of our own gaming group in there and that made me rofl pretty hard.

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Update: I pulled an all nighter, got the work I needed to get done finished, took Dad's dog for a walk, then did some exercise on the elliptical (or whatever that machine is called). Now, I'm tired as hell, but I prolly shouldnt sleep yet.

good thing is, I got all my work done!
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I just came across this:

here's one of mine:

"It took them completely destroying me for me to realise that I had the strength to be vulnerable to people who actually cared for me".

or how about these? 

"I stayed in a relationship a year after I knew it was over, because I was afraid of what he'd do to himself when I left. As it turns out - I was right."

"I get anxiety attacks whenever I try to write essays for Uni, and they end up months late. I was a straight A student before I met him. "

"sometimes I cant work out if what I feel is real, or if its me making it up."

"I am terrified about running into them again... even when I'm  interstate and there's no reason they'd be there."


these thoughts always lead to anxiety. but on the positive:

"I enjoy being naked in my home - and its something that has helped me be more comfortable in my body"

"I have two best friends whom I love. They are the compass and my map when I lose my way in the world. "

"I now know that I am capable of getting through life intact."

stupid gorram thoughts.

lol you can tell I need another dose of Firefly... I'm saying "gorram" and "its just that X, is all" and I even recently used Kaylee's line of "Going on a year now I aint had nothing 'twixt my nethers that didn't run on batteries" which was true at the time, cept I aint got nothing that runs on batteries, so I guess Mal's line of "it's been a long time since anyone but me took ahold of my plough" would be more appropriate. Anyway, its not true now! (woot for new year sexin! incidently, thats the first time I've even gotten a midnight kiss.... and it was more than a kiss :P I am well pleased about that, sorry I keep bringing it up)

ah now I'm feeling better. woot for sexytimes! Funny thing is, it was with a friend. and it's been building a long time. He was worried that it would change things, but honestly, I feel satisfied and that I can move on. If he came to me and said he wanted to go somewhere with it, I'd give it a chance, but I'm quite happy with what has happened. I feel pretty healthy about the whole thing, actually. If anything, at least we have the sexual tension out of our systems and we can go back to being the awesome friends that we are. I haven't had a chance to talk to him since (being that I'm at dads and he's back home) so I'm not sure how he feels, but I hope he's ok with it. 

now its about 2 am and I'm running on popcorn, milo and coffee trying to get some work finished so I better stop procrastinating and get it done.

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movies! games! zombie slayer shirts!

So I watched "the core" today.

so much fail. FAIL FAIL FAIL!

believable/unbelievably cool plot: fail
Decent effects: Fail
characters not jumping to conclusions no person in real life would jump to: fail.
said conclusions making any kind of sense: fail
Not contradicting yourself: Fail.

you couldnt even manage the magician trick could you, movie? Y'know, the one where you give me pretty things to look at so I dont notice/care that there's no plot? Like G.I. Joe did? man, that movie was pretty cool for being an awesome fun action romp... with no story to speak of.

ah well. The Core = Epic facepalm.

gorram stupid movie. It's the first in a long time that I've actually contemplated not watching the end, but I have a wierd obsession with movies/books I hate where I NEED TO FINISH IT! thats why I speed red my way through Twilight - just so I could finish the damn things and be done with it.

I also watched the day the earth stood still. Didnt make me as angry as the core did, but meh. Keanu, I dont understand why I ever liked you. ok, well you are kinda hot, but you have one expression and that annoying as hell voice.

One movie I have watched recently and absaloutly loved (I'm raiding dads movie collection atm cos I'm bored as hell) was Iron Man. I can't work out why I haven't seen it earlier. Man, that movie is awesome! I asked N about if he thought it was a good movie before watching it, and the answer was "Hell Yes". 5 minutes in, I txted him with "5 minutes of movie gone. I am jizzing in my pants at how awesome this is."... or something to that effect.

its pretty, its funny, it's got plot, the effects are well done, and I'm putting robert downey Jnr on my "list of actors I love to see in action". Having seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang not too long ago, I find myself developing a fondness for him. I love the way he delivers his lines, I love the humour. He's pretty awesome.

Also, this is win:

I'm planning on getting it made, with the mid/full gore, the name "Nickerockers" and the number 86 (Nickerockers is my xbox live gamertag and I was born in 86) and the optional crest on the sleeve, the one that says "kill as many zombies and vampires as you can". Then I can wear it while playing Left 4 dead 2 with mah zombie killing peeps.

also, have I ever mentioned how much I love dinosaur comics? No, well, here you go:

and, for good measure, darths and droids:
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Writer's Block: Do (political) opposites attract?

Are there any political issues, such as abortion or capital punishment, that are so fundamental to your core values that you could not respect and/or trust someone who held a contrary view?

While I might not respect what they think, i can respect that they have a different opinion from me. I have several friends who think very differently on certian things. For example, a recent debate about feminism ended up in a discussion about rape and there were things said that I found horrifying. What I will do is debate, educate, inform and discuss, but in the end it is their responsibility to decide what they want to think. It's not my place to force my opinions upon them. similarly, I cant respect anyone who doesnt respect that I have a different point of view from them.

for the abortion issue, my personal belief is that I would never have one, but I believe that all people have the right to make the decisions that will affect their lives. If a friend wanted to have one, I wouldnt stand in her way. So long as she is making an informed decision, that it.

I find that having debates about issues is benificial, as it not only helps me understand what other people think, but it also means that my own views are actually supported as I have to find the arguments and reasons why I think they way I do. And if there is no reason? well then I need to rethink my stance, dont I?
fem game

so, moving on to other things...

So I've been at dads since I finshind placement. Christmas was quiet, Dad's birthday dinner was, well, as expected (dont get me started on selfish, obnoxious drunken family memebers needing to be the centre of attention and ruining the night). I also have a new piercing, in the top/side of my ear, whatever you call that bit. I already had one from my year in scotland, and now I have another just below it to mark the end of Uni :D.

So now I'm up to three in that ear (since I have the normal lobes pierced thing going on), the lobe in the other, and my nose.

And I am seriously seriously thinking about skipping the while "when I lose weight" thing and just getting my bellybutton done soon. the I think I'll be done. I honestly cant think of anything else that I want to pierce. Seriously. No deal on anything else, although I find microdermal peircings interesting - but probably not something that I would get. Just cant think of anywhere it would suit me is all. No way am I getting my nipples pierced either - that would look so very weird on me.

anyway, putting the holes in my body aside, I've been rather un-busy here for the past couple of weeks. I watched all the Star Trek movies in order (thats right, all of em) and concluded that I do enjoy the older ones more. I think Shatner et. al. had a bit more playfulness to them that I rewally appreciate. Not that I dont like the newer lot, just... I like the older ones more.

Over new years I had some friends come visit me, which was pertty schweet. Drinking, music, xbox, fun times. I even got some sexytimes but that's a story I wont tell here. We did begin working out the "scale of awesomness" though. its from one to ten, with one being not awesome (and I think after watching The Two Towers we decided that having a girlfriend that can deliver a nut punch from 1000 miles away a la Arwen is pretty much "one") and ten being "totally awesome" which is a volcano full of naked chicks. Even the straightest girl amongst us agreed that a volcano full of naked chicks is pretty awesome. A close second at number nine is delivering a sliding nut puch to a T-Rex. "Zombie Ga Ga" is about a 3, cos she's kinda cool (and in my opinion better that Lady Ga Ga) but still just wants to eat you.

We also played the uncensored version of Left 4 Dead 2, which finally showed up. I am in love. gory, glorious zombie killing love. Completely setting aside the fact that you get katanas, chainsaws and guitars (dubbed "guitanas" by myself) to destroy the zombie horde with, amongst other weapons, the developers done some damn fine work, in my opinion, on improving from number one. The AI isnt quite as annoying, for one, although I feel the characters themselves dont have the same attraction that the originals did. They've also made each level connect, in chronological order. For the purposes of immersion in a story, this is much better than the first. However, the first was kinda set out as four seperate movies, so it made sense.

now they have gone, and I'm left with an xbox that tells me the DLC for dragonage is corrupted. Also the DLC for borderlands (Dr Ned's zombie island) wont work. While it wont let me play dragonage at all, at least I can play some borderlands but just not do the zombie island.

However, I have been playing mass effect again since I want to max out at least my soldier character before the second one comes out and its true - no matter how much I play that game, I love it. What else have I been playing? Oblivion. I dont know what it is.... the combat system is clumsy and annoying, and we'll quietly ignore magic for the moment, but the world itself is one that I can easily get lost in. Give me an open plan world and tell me I can do what I want... well I'll see you in a week I dont care if its obsessively picking flowers, or obsessively tracking down every "point of interest" that pops up on the edge of my map.... I love it.

I'm also nearly done watching all 6 star wars movies again. man I love them, but I really do feel like the new ones let the team down. apart from some scarily obvious plot issues, theres the fact that the universe looks and feels more advanced in the prequals than it does in the originals.

still, they are enjoyable... I just dont think they fit.

what else? well.... not much actually. in fact, I have to go now since dads dog is grunting at me and asking for more food.

catch ya later, internet! XX lol
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Zombie plan

Well, its been a while since my last post, and there's a lot to catch up with (including my anger at the fact that I'm stuck at my dads for another two weeks with an xbox that wont play the DLC for dragon age or borderlands) .

but for now, this post is about my zombie survival plan. I'm a little drunk atm, having consumed a few nice cold beers, but I'll do my best to get it written down before I forget about it and leave it another month.

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